Accomplish, Inc. President Mitch Bienvenue believes that people are the only element in a business with the inherent power to generate value.  All other variables – cash, materials, facilities, equipment and energy offer only inert potential.  As a result, Mitch enjoys working with organizations that invest strategically in the growth and development of their employees.

Mitch has over 29 years of experience helping Fortune 50+ companies gain a competitive advantage through their people.  He spent 12 years at Motorola, Inc. as an executive in Learning and Development.  He founded Accomplish, Inc. in 2001 and has served clients such as W.W. Grainger, Abbott Labs, Baxter, Hewlett-Packard, Stack-On, Vapor Bus, Life Source, GFX, Brightstar, and a variety of other manufacturing, service, and government organizations.

He received his Certified Professional Coach certification from The Coaches Training Institute and has coached mid level and executive level professionals in organizations such as Volkswagen, Potash, Marcus Hotels & Resorts, College of Lake County, Valent BioScience, Stack-On, HLR Engineering, Samaritan Display and others.

Mitch has a BS in Education, an MA in Human Resource Development, and an Undergraduate Certificate in Terrorism Studies.  He graduated from the Wisconsin Military Academy as an officer in the US Army and served in leadership roles in several Combat Engineer battalions.

A few words from our Friends

“Accomplish, Inc. helps us to see the big picture related to what it takes to attract and retain the best employees. It’s not just about training programs; it’s about figuring out what sort of people our business really needs and then doing everything we can to make that happen.”
Karen Spindler – Vice President of Human Resources, Marcus Hotels and Resorts
“In the past three years Accomplish has helped us improve our leadership program so that it adheres to the CAS Professional Standard for Higher Education. This is a significant leap forward for us!” Cindy Sarkady – Student Activities Program Specialist, College of Lake County
“We use Accomplish to help our clients gain the skills they need to remain competitive. They always deliver.” Kyle Courtaway – Director, Business & Industry Training Center
“Accomplish displays an uncommon ability to maximize the performance of people in organizations. They bring this gift to every client interaction.” Renee Caputo – President, Heka Coaching and Communications
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