Individual Contributor Track

Our experience tells us that companies want people who can communicate professionally with customers and coworkers.

Our Business Professional Certificate Program provides all levels of employees with the essential skills needed for success on the job.

Companies want employees to solve problems and ensure that work gets done quickly and accurately. More than ever, employees in today’s workforce are called upon to work in teams and organize time and workspaces in ways that promote efficiency and effectiveness.  Our Individual Contributor Track programs ensure that employees possess these essential skills.

Our four-part workshop series takes a deep dive into written and verbal communication, teamwork and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, as well as planning and organizing work.

Our supplemental workshops for this track can be hand-tailored to meet your needs for any of the following topics:  Exceeding Customer Expectations, Facilitating Effective Meetings, Stress Management, Making the Most of Your Time, Understanding and Working with Others, Project Management Essentials, and Influence and Negotiation