Our Business Professional Certificate Program provides all levels of employees with the essential skills needed for success on the job.

The decisions top leaders make can mean the difference between success and failure for the entire enterprise. Years of experience in a multitude of industries have taught us that effective leaders need to understand their own strengths and limitations and those of their company. They operate in environments that are in flux yet their actions need to be informed and deliberate. Accomplish’s Leadership Track helps leaders to know themselves and the landscapes in which they operate

Specifically tailored for seasoned professionals, Accomplish works with leaders to develop the skills they need to do what is required of them – lead.  We’ll work hand in hand with your organization using the most cutting-edge tools and techniques in the industry.  360 performance feedback, personality profiles, leadership team strategy sessions and performance coaching are just some of the ways Accomplish can help.

Our Supplemental Workshops for this track include: Being Aware of the External Business Environment,  Thinking Strategically,  Facilitating Creativity and Innovation,  Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture,  Leading Change, Driving for Results and Building Coalitions.