Our Business Professional Certificate Program provides all levels of employees with the essential skills needed for success on the job.

Managers have a tremendous opportunity to create environments where employees can excel.  This opportunity is made even more powerful when they know how to motivate employees and coach them to succeed – even when things get tough. At Accomplish, Inc. we help managers make the most of their powers of influence. Our Manager Track programs are designed to target strengths and take action where it counts.

We help first-level and middle-level managers to develop essential skills for managing and growing employees.  Our five-part workshop series includes the following topics: Employee Motivation and Productivity, Coaching and Developing Employees, Managing Conflict, Delivering Powerful Presentations and Basic Employment Law.

Our Supplemental Workshops for this track can be taught as stand-alone programs or customized to meet your organization’s needs.  They include Embracing Change, Situational Leadership, Behavioral Interviewing, Conducting On-The-Job Training, Counseling Poor Work Habits and Applying Discipline.